How to Fix Broken Links


Sometimes, errors are inevitable. Even when you did your best to keep your website free from errors, you are likely to come across situations of 404 errors. Experts from Brighton say that chances of this error showing up increases if you have some expired pages on your website. Another reason behind it is mistyping of link URL while link building.

Now, the question is, can these broken links be reclaimed? Yes, you can form inbound links by reclaiming these links. You can also hire affordable SEO services to work on broken links. Other than this, you can try two techniques about which I have discussed in this blog.

Reclaim broken links using Google Search Console

Google Search Engine is a free tool that offers you link information of your site. According to an article written by a Moz scientist, Russ Jones, the Google Search Console data on linking is not always accurate. It only gives you the link samples that Google has indexed for your site. However, if you are new and have just got started, you can use it for reclaiming broken links.

Here is how to do this – Start from Crawl > Crawl Errors report.

When my website found 404 error, I clicked on the entry to know more about the error and its linking source.

What I found was, the source of the broken link was from another website. On a close look, I saw that brokenlinks
the text URL for the link was mistyped by the person who built the link. I knew that the link still existed and is indexed by Google, so I went to the authentic blog post.


Despite the fact that the link was wrongly typed and entered, we can fix it by making the necessary changes. This way, we can even get ourselves the benefit of an inbound link. For instance, my site is WordPress based hosted on Linux. In this case, I will ask my SEO expert in Brighton to use an .htaccess file for 301 redirect adding the below-mentioned line to my file:

Redirect 301 url


And it’s done! The 404 error page will now get redirected to the actual blog post. Doing this, we not just helped the readers with the desired authentic information but also got an inbound link.

Reclaim broken links using Ahrefs

Ahrefs is yet another useful SEO tool that offers you much more detailed data about a link from that found in Google Search Console.


Search by: Google Search Console Reliability: Webmaster Tools on Trial

Ahrefs provides you with a particular report termed “Broken Backlinks” which stores the potential backlinks to be reclaimed. To see only the “dofollow” backlinks, you can filter the search. This way, you will be focusing only on links that are effective to improve your organic ranking.

While going through the report, I found a broken link showing a 404 error:


On analysing it closely, me and my experts of SEO services found a defective 301 redirect showing up from my old website. A space after the resource link was the reason behind the “404 not found” page. To my surprise, this was affecting the old inbound link redirect.

Fortunately, things could still get fixed! I went to my .htaccess file to edit the 301 redirect to:

Redirect 301 /resources/%20

Now, this new redirected link can be easily reclaimed.

Reclaiming backlinks is a simple but efficient technique, over which you should have optimum control. Link building is an SEO art and your important investment. The SEO experts in Liverpool need ample resource time to do it efficiently. So keep track of those 404 errors and reclaim the possible links. After all, you earned them hard!


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