6 Methods to Boost the Number of Your Podcast Audience

The reason behind a successful SEO strategy is more than just link building and technical SEO. The website should have high quality and interesting content that must have the ability to engage the audience. Articles, blog posts, videos and images are the source of traditional content strategies. These methods can be a good way to drive traffic towards your web page. You can contact a good SEO agency in London to help with your podcasts.

Read on to know more about some effective methods of enhancing your podcasts.

Provide a good title

  1. Provide a good title: User while searching for any information check the title, to make sure that if it matches to your query. Google algorithm looks into the title of your content, as it plays an important part in the ranking process. If your title is relevant to the content and compelling, be sure that it will attract traffic towards your blog. Make sure the title has right keywords that might pop up when a related query is searched.Leveraging your web page
  2. Leveraging your web page: If you have an audio or video file in your podcast that does not mean that your website cannot rank high. Search engine consultants are always trying to attract links to the website that are genuine and authentic. Some content types that you can create are:
    • Timestamps along with notes
    • Transcript
    • Recap or description of the content
    • Worksheet or checklist
    • Key takeaways
  3. Content recycling: You can take the previous contents uploaded on your web page and transform it into a different piece. It is one of the best methods to grasp the complete resources of the content and boost your authority and improve your ranking on any specific topics. You can take the content of one page and turn them into small blog posts, slide presentations, infographics and so on.Link building
  4. Link building: It can help in the overall search engine optimization efforts. If your content is entertaining, interesting and compelling than it will attract links on its own. However, there are many other ways to attract links like getting a speaker to promote your podcast on their site. Hire good website consultants to boost link building as they are familiar with various methods to do so.
  5. Optimise the RSS feed: Most of the users did not utilize RSS feed in the past as they do now. These days RSS feed is what users are subscribing to when any of the podcasts are subscribed on any social platform. Your feed provides all the necessary information to all the podcast to these social sites.Turn towards YouTube
  6. Turn towards YouTube: This search engine is a great way to boost the popularity of your web page. Most of the users these days like to watch a video other than reading material or content. You can convert your material into slide presentation in the form of video to make it more presentable and interesting among the users.

It does not matter if you an experienced person or just trying out your luck in the online market for the time, an SEO consultation services in Leeds or elsewhere can help you out with your web page.


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